Best Cigars for Fishing: The Ultimate Guide

Unwinding with the Perfect Cigar

There’s nothing quite like the combination of fishing and enjoying a fine cigar. The tranquility of the water, the anticipation of a great catch, and the satisfaction of a well-crafted cigar create a memorable experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the best cigars for fishing, ensuring you have the ultimate pairing for your next angling adventure.

 The Art of Choosing the Right Cigar for Fishing

Size Matters: Selecting the Ideal Length and Ring Gauge

When it comes to fishing, you want a cigar that lasts, but is also comfortable to hold and smoke. A cigar with a larger ring gauge (diameter) and a longer length is ideal for a longer fishing trip, while a smaller cigar is better suited for a shorter excursion.

  • Longer Cigars: Churchill (7 x 47), Double Corona (7.5 x 49)
  • Medium Cigars: Toro (6 x 50), Robusto (5 x 50)
  • Shorter Cigars: Petit Corona (4.5 x 42), Short Robusto (4 x 48)

Wrapper Type: Flavor Profiles and Burn Characteristics

The wrapper, the outermost tobacco leaf, contributes significantly to a cigar’s flavor and burn characteristics. For fishing, consider these wrapper types:

  • Connecticut Shade: Mild and creamy, this wrapper offers a smooth and easy smoke, perfect for a relaxing day by the water.
  • Habano: Known for its spicy and robust flavors, this wrapper provides a more intense smoking experience, ideal for seasoned cigar enthusiasts.
  • Maduro: Rich, sweet, and full-bodied, this wrapper is perfect for those who enjoy bold flavors while fishing.

 Top 5 Best Cigars for Fishing

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Series: The Classic

These highly sought-after cigars are known for their impeccable construction and consistent quality. With a Cameroon wrapper and Dominican filler, the Hemingway series offers a medium-bodied smoke with notes of cedar, leather, and spice. The Perfecto shape allows for a slow, even burn, ideal for fishing.

 Padron 1964 Anniversary Series: The Luxurious Choice

A Nicaraguan puro, the Padron 1964 Anniversary Series features a sun-grown Habano wrapper and aged Nicaraguan fillers. With a full-bodied profile and notes of cocoa, coffee, and earth, these cigars are perfect for those seeking a rich and complex smoking experience while fishing.

 Ashton Classic: The Mild Option

Ashton Classic cigars are known for their smooth and creamy taste, thanks to their Connecticut Shade wrapper and Dominican binder and filler. The mild flavor profile, featuring hints of cedar and nuts, makes these cigars an excellent choice for both novice and experienced smokers.

 My Father Le Bijou 1922: The Flavorful Powerhouse

The Le Bijou 1922 boasts an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. This full-bodied cigar offers a rich and complex flavor profile, with notes of dark chocolate, espresso, and pepper. The Le Bijou 1922 is perfect for those seeking a bold and satisfying smoke while fishing.

 Perdomo Champagne 10th Anniversary: The Crowd-Pleaser

Featuring a golden Connecticut Shade wrapper, this mild-to-medium-bodied cigar has Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. The Champagne 10th Anniversary offers a well-rounded flavor profile, with hints of cream, coffee, and cedar. It’s an approachable choice for a wide range of palates and is sure to impress both seasoned and novice smokers during a fishing trip.

 Cigar Accessories for Fishing: Enhancing Your Experience

Waterproof Cigar Cases: Protect Your Cigars

Investing in a waterproof cigar case is essential for a fishing trip. It keeps your cigars safe from water, humidity, and potential damage. Look for cases with airtight seals and robust construction to ensure your cigars remain in perfect condition throughout the day.

 Windproof Lighters: Reliable Ignition

A windproof lighter is crucial for lighting your cigar while fishing, as unpredictable weather conditions can make it challenging to use a traditional lighter. Torch lighters, with their powerful jet flames, are the ideal choice for a reliable ignition in any environment.

Cigar Cutters: Precision Cutting

A quality cigar cutter is vital for a clean and precise cut, ensuring an even draw and enjoyable smoking experience. Opt for a guillotine or V-cut style cutter, both of which are compact and easy to carry during a fishing trip.

 Portable Ashtrays: Keep Your Environment Clean

A portable ashtray helps maintain a clean and environmentally-friendly fishing experience. Choose a compact, lightweight option with a secure closure to prevent ashes and debris from escaping.

 Tips for Smoking Cigars While Fishing

 Be Mindful of Wind Direction

When lighting and smoking your cigar, be conscious of the wind direction to avoid ashes and smoke from blowing into your face or onto your fishing gear.

Bring a Backup Cigar

Always carry an extra cigar during your fishing trip. In case your primary cigar gets damaged or lost, having a backup ensures you can still enjoy a smoke while fishing.

Practice Proper Cigar Etiquette

Respect your fellow anglers by maintaining a reasonable distance while smoking your cigar. Additionally, ensure you properly extinguish and dispose of your cigar once you’ve finished smoking.

Savoring the Perfect Cigar-Fishing Experience

Fishing and cigars are a match made in heaven. By choosing the right cigar, investing in quality accessories, and following proper etiquette, you can elevate your fishing trip to a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned veteran, this guide has you covered for your next fishing excursion with the best cigars for fishing.