In a noteworthy proclamation, Oliva Cigars takes immense pride in unveiling their exclusive Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition, meticulously handcrafted exclusively for Zino Cigares in the heart of Cote d’Ivoire. This extraordinary edition, christened “Akwaba,” which translates to “Welcome” in one of the native languages of Cote d’Ivoire, serves as a heartfelt homage to the vivacious spirit and warm-hearted hospitality of the host nation.

Through a harmonious collaboration with Zino Cigares, Oliva has fastidiously curated a scarce batch of 2,000 boxes of the Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition, a rarity destined solely for the discerning connoisseurs of Cote D’Ivoire. This unique offering artfully amalgamates the choicest tobacco with a subtle infusion of African inspiration, rendering it an unequivocal collector’s gem, adored both by aficionados of fine cigars and fervent sports enthusiasts alike.

The Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition showcases an exquisitely crafted box, resplendent with the revered emblem of the national treasure, the Elephant, and the iconic phrase “Akwaba,” elegantly inscribed in resplendent golden lettering. This gesture symbolizes an effusive welcome extended to all participating teams and their ardent supporters. Enclosed within each box is an assemblage of the distinguished Master Blends n°3 cigars, celebrated for their opulent and intricate flavor profiles. Thomas Gryson, Export Manager at Oliva Cigars, conveyed his elation by saying, “We are exultant to introduce this limited edition in anticipation of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2024, commemorating this momentous occasion with a cigar that resonates with the essence of hospitality and camaraderie. The Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition epitomizes our unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and the opulent culture of the Ivory Coast.”

Zino Cigares, renowned for their expertise in the opulent distribution of luxury commodities, has engaged in a close-knit collaboration with Oliva to meticulously ensure that each cigar within this limited edition stands as a paragon of the highest echelons of quality and gustatory delight. Kamal Daswani, the Chief Executive Officer, expressed his anticipation, stating, “As a brand ardently devoted to the pursuit of excellence, Zino Cigares is enthralled to join hands with Oliva in presenting a cigar that not only serves as a testament to our masterful artistry but also pays a heartfelt tribute to the splendor and warmth of Cote d’Ivoire.”

The eagerly anticipated launch of the Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition is scheduled for December 2023, coinciding brilliantly with a grand celebration in Abidjan, perfectly aligning with the commencement of the African Cup of Nations. Enthusiasts and collectors are strongly encouraged to secure their exclusive treasure chest promptly, as a mere 2,000 boxes will grace the Cote D’Ivoire market, ensuring its exclusivity and allure.

As the date for the grand unveiling of the Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition draws near, the anticipation among aficionados and collectors alike is palpable. This exquisitely orchestrated event is poised to be a hallmark of sophistication and elegance, echoing the very essence of the Ivory Coast’s cultural richness.

The Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition isn’t merely a cigar; it’s a reverent embodiment of the artistry of Oliva Cigars and the discerning craftsmanship of Zino Cigares. With meticulous attention to detail, every element, from the blend of the finest tobacco to the ornate design of the box, has been thoughtfully crafted to ensure that it stands as a beacon of luxury and exclusivity.

For those fortunate enough to secure one of the limited 2,000 boxes, it will be a coveted treasure, a symbol of their appreciation for the finer things in life. The inclusion of the national emblem, the Elephant, on the box serves as a proud reminder of the Ivory Coast’s heritage and its place in the hearts of the people.

Moreover, the presence of the phrase “Akwaba,” glistening in elegant gold, is a universal symbol of welcome. It extends a warm embrace to all who partake in this exceptional creation, whether they are seasoned cigar connoisseurs or newcomers to the world of luxury cigars.

This limited edition release arrives just in time to add a touch of sophistication and indulgence to the excitement surrounding the Africa Cup of Nations in 2024. It represents more than just a cigar; it’s a celebration of culture, camaraderie, and the pursuit of excellence.

As the launch date approaches, Oliva Cigars and Zino Cigares invite you to be part of this exceptional moment in the world of luxury cigars. Secure your exclusive box of the Limited Cote d’Ivoire “Akwaba” Edition, and join in the celebration of craftsmanship, culture, and the warm hospitality of Cote d’Ivoire.