Unveiling Tatuaje’s New Additions: Cojonu 2018 and the Limited-Edition Tuxtla Series

 Tatuaje Expands its Offerings

Tatuaje, a premium cigar brand owned by Pete Johnson, has recently announced the addition of a new size to its popular Cojonu line. In addition to this, the brand is also expanding its limited-edition Tuxtla series, which highlights the unique flavors of Mexican wrappers.

The Cojonu 2018: A Tribute to a “Lost Year”

The latest addition to the Cojonu line is called Cojonu 2018. This new cigar, with dimensions of 5 5/8 inches by 54 ring gauge, features a gentle box-pressed shape. It is crafted using a high-priming Ecuador Habano wrapper, while the binder and filler tobaccos come from Nicaragua. The Cojonu 2018 ships in boxes of 21, with a suggested retail price of $13.50 per cigar, before taxes.

The name “Cojonu 2018” is not an age statement or vintage date, but rather a nod to the year when a Cojonu release was absent. Pete Johnson is making up for this “lost year” by introducing this new cigar. The Cojonu line has followed a three-year release cycle since its debut in 2003.

Tuxtla Series: Exploring the Wonders of Mexican Wrappers

The Tatuaje Tuxtla series is an exploration of the distinctive characteristics of Mexican wrappers. The series was introduced by Johnson as a way to experiment with existing Tatuaje cigars by replacing their wrappers with Mexican cover leaf. The limited-edition line is named after San Andrés Tuxtla, a prominent city in the San Andrés growing region of Mexico, where the featured wrapper is cultivated.

For this year’s Tuxtla project, Johnson has selected two sizes from the Tatuaje 10th Anniversary line: the Belle Encre, a 5 3/8 by 48 perfecto, and the Bon Chasseur, a 5 3/8 by 52. Both cigars use Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. The Tuxtla cigars are shipped in boxes of 20 and will be produced in limited quantities, with only 50,000 of each size, or 2,500 boxes, available.

 Expanding the Tatuaje Experience

With the addition of the Cojonu 2018 and the expansion of the limited-edition Tuxtla series, Tatuaje continues to deliver exceptional smoking experiences for cigar enthusiasts. The exploration of Mexican wrappers in the Tuxtla series and the tribute to a “lost year” in the Cojonu line demonstrate the brand’s commitment to innovation and the pursuit of unique flavors. Keep an eye out for these new additions to the Tatuaje family, as they’re sure to be a treat for cigar aficionados everywhere.